Labcold Penguin Explores Chineham Park – our NEW HQ!

The labcold Penguin went off exploring while we were packing up at Wade Road. Firstly they all went for a cup of coffee.





After their snacks and coffee they thought they better work off some of those calories at the gym-






After their work out they went for a stroll around the park.






 The Labcold Penguins soon found themselves exploring the beautiful woodland that surrounds the park.
It had been a busy afternoon for the Labcold penguins so they thought they better find their way back to the old offices to help with the packing up…
Luckily they found the bus service that runs within the park.
We are very excited to be moving, especially as the Labcold Penguins have given our new premises their seal of approval!
We will be in our new premises on Monday 23rd December 2013. Our new contact details are –
Labcold Limited
Chineham Park
RG24 8WF
01256 750 555More photos of the Labcold Penguin exploring the offices to follow!