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Blood Product Storage

Labcold Blood Bank Refrigerators, Plasma Freezers, Platelet Agitators and Incubators are all designed and manufactured in the UK in full compliance with the relevant quality management systems. All these products are certified class lla Medical Devices in accordance with UK MDR 2002 ; are compliant with BS4376:Part 1:1991 and are UKCA marked.

All our blood banks, plasma freezers and platelet incubators have been designed to keep to the tight temperature tolerances required for storing these blood components. They are fitted with a paper chart recorder and feature a touchscreen controller that shows both the air and load temperature.

Chart recorders and locks are fitted as standard with all our blood bank refrigerators and platelet incubators benefiting from the added security of a keypad lock. Every model in the range comes with an access port and remote alarm contacts too so they are easy to link up to any LIMS or blood management system.

All our blood fridges, plasma freezers and platelet incubators are tested and temperature mapped before delivery.

In addition to the above, we also have a range of temperature monitoring solutions, including wireless technology that can record and store various data points to provide additional safety and security.

Labcold has a team of service technicians who can commission your blood bank, plasma freezer or platelet incubator. We can also perform annual temperature mapping and have a range of maintenance contracts designed to keep your blood bank refrigerator, plasma freezer or platelet incubator running better for longer.

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