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Pharmacy Refrigeration

Labcold Pharmacy and Vaccine refrigeration is designed from the ground up for the safe and secure storage of temperature sensitive vaccines and pharmaceuticals as advised by Public Health England in Protocol for Ordering, Storing and Handling Vaccines.

All Labcold Pharmacy and Vaccine fridges are lockable medical refrigerators and automatically alarm if the temperature goes out of range.

Labcold IntelliCold pharmacy refrigerators are suitable for GP and vets surgeries, wards, pharmacy shops and schools, in fact anywhere where controlled temperature storage of vaccines and medicines is important.Ā  They come in a range of sizes from wall mounted/bench top pharmacy fridges to free standing pharmacy refrigerators and all have the choice of solid or glass doors. They also feature a second wandering probe so can be used for wholesale pharmacy.

Labcold Advanced Pharmacy refrigerator range are desigend to cope with high use and large storage demands of hospital pharmacies. The pharmacy fridges have stainless steel interiors, digital temperature display and a free calibration certificate from our UKAS laboratory #8988.