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Labcold UKAS Calibation laboratory #8898

Did you know you can have your new refrigerator, freezer or incubator calibrated by Labcold before despatch? This means that your new product will arrive complete with a calibration certificate from our UKAS temperature calibration laboratory #8898 demonstrating that the temperature display on the front accurately reflects the temperature inside the cabinet.

Unlike other organisations that only use ‘traceable’ instruments, Labcold’s ISO17025 accreditation proves that we have independently certified expertise in terms of people and equipment to produce verifiable results.

To view our schedule of accreditation please click here.

We can also provide annual calibration through Labshield, a Labcold company dedicated to providing quality comprehensive and cost effective annual maintenance and calibration contracts for medical and scientific refrigeration. To find out more click here

Blood Product Storage > Labcold UKAS Calibation laboratory #8898