Fi and Nat from Labcold complete the Moonwalk, raising over £7k for Breast Cancer charities

Well done, respect and massive congratulations to Fi and Nat who completed the Moonwalk covering over 26 miles of London through Saturday night in to Sunday morning. They completed the walk with a group of 11 other people and together these intrepid walkers raised over £7k for Breast Cancer charities.

Fi said, “Thank you to everyone who sponsored us. It was so hard, especially with injuries in tow, but we pushed on through to honour everyone who had sponsored us and all the ladies and men who are diagnosed with breast cancer.
Hot baths, food and a lot of sleep were in order on Sunday.”

If you want to sponsor Nat and Fi, the links to their sponsorship pages are below:,1,q83bKy3hiOFdEpfsM4Y2WQ4h6-urSEEUQEpE7moHMqiDyENSJBlgjFQfhVfeyGpblTO1Bckz97FCzhQPZhmDrf-jCdiefpEGj-Lksj4zqBWu9EUQRh4,&typo=1,1,1uFVnyhSS05Sv_rgicGlOjBhvcHFN0e6jRAABZfULZSnF69VEKDYdo_U4tsbvtO9NXdGXw3vvIQLuJ7vxEBzMsZfFTgFFwc14AnqFi1NEc_x&typo=1