The power of vaccines

Ever since Edward Jenner noticed the correlation between exposure to a bit of disease protected people from the full blown version of the disease, new vaccines have been created to improve human health and are literally life savers.
A couple of generations ago, children regularly died of diphtheria and other diseases which fortunately, because of the work of scientists and health professionals, have been largely eradicated in the developed world. Hopefully, with the work of WHO and some amazing charities and health workers, some of whom risk their life to deliver vaccines, the same success will be seen across the rest of the globe.
Part of the problem in delivering vaccine programs is the fact that in order to be kept alive most vaccines need to be stored at temperatures between 2oC and 8oC for which some form of refrigeration is required. The Gate foundation is funding some much needed work in to dried vaccines, but until this research comes to fruition the importance of the cold chain to delivering an effective vaccine program remains.
As this info graphic shows, the effect of vaccines is massive and this is why, at Labcold we do our best to ensure our fridges comply with all the guidance laid down by various professional bodies and our vaccine and pharmacy refrigerators provide the ideal conditions to store vaccines in accordance with the manufacturers marketing authorisation.