DH Green Book Chapter 3 – Implications for your pharmacy fridge

It seems it wasn’t just the NHS that was re-organised at the beginning of April, the DH Green Book also underwent a big review of content. Part of this was due to catch up vaccination schemes and the on going problem of the safe storage of medicines which has featured large in NPSA alerts and CQC inspections.
We’re still reading but it looks like an annual maintenance and calibration contract is required for  all vaccine fridges plus you need to have a minimum/maximum recorder that is independent of the mains. Fortunately, Labcold IntelliCold refrigerators are fitted with alarm battery back up so all you have to do is fit batteries and the temperature recording (plus a handy mains fail alarm) will work even if the mains power is off.
We also notice that they recommend glass doors to prevent door openings. Fortunately we now have glass door options across the range.
For more information and to read the DH Green Book Chapter 3 Storage, Distribution and Disposal of Vaccines, please follow this link