Labcold deliver for Poole Hospital

What do you do when you have a 16 year old blood bank on its last legs and you need to put your new blood banks in a temporary position? Call Labcold of course!

This is what Poole hospital did when despite the best efforts of Labcold engineer Mark it was clear that the blood fridge was requiring too much work to keep in service and had to be replaced. The decision was made to purchase two new Labcold blood banks and house them in a temporary area to be validated before the old blood fridge is removed and taken out of service.

This was logistically extremely complicated as space was limited but with the input from James, our Operations manager, the four person team from our carriers Relay Transport and Michelle, the blood banks were safely installed in their new temporary home despite it being one of the hottest days of the year.

If need to move your blood bank refrigerators, or require a delivery to a building with difficult access talk to Labcold. We have decades of experience of providing site surveys to ensure that all aspects of delivery are taken in to account before the big day so it goes ahead smoothly and the fridges or freezers are delivered in perfect condition.