Novel Coronavirus (Covid -19) – Labcold preparedness

We are closely monitoring the advice of WHO, PHE and Local Government in relation to Coronavirus and its impact on how we can operate. Our primary responsibility is to the health and welfare of our teams at our headquarters and in the field and we are following all the precautionary advice available. However, we are also aware that due to the wider situation, we may be forced to close our headquarters at short notice and for a long time.

As a result, we have drawn up plans to ensure we can continue operate as normally as possible. We have a high level of stock and because we warehouse across the country so are not reliant on one depot we expect to be able to be able to continue to deliver product as and when required.

We have also already put in place systems to allow our Headquarters team to be able to work from home so you will be able to call, email and place orders as normal.

Our sales team and service technicians will be on the road as usual and they will continue to operate as normal unless advised not to. You will also be able to email or call them as usual.

We intend that the measures we have put in place should mean we will be able to provide you with the service you need during this difficult time. Like everyone else, we have no idea how the situation will develop but we believe we have robust plans in place to ensure we can continue to provide our customers with a great service while safeguarding the health of our team.