New 19 litre powered vaccine carrier from Labcold

With the huge success of our 12 litre vaccine carrier we have added a 19 litre version to the range, designed to carry more stock and complete with a handle to make transit even easier.

The Green Book stipulates that a cool box, powered or not has to be validated. This means it has to be able to display the temperature to one decimal point because otherwise the margin for error would be too large making any calibration meaningless. This is why like our 12 litre version, this vaccine carrier has a temperature display to one decimal place plus we can provide a UKAS calibration certificate from our accredited temperature calibration laboratory #8898.

The carrier can be plugged in to the mains or a 12v socket in a vehicle and uses an environmentally friendly thermoelectric, solid state cooling system to ensure that temperature sensitive vaccines are kept within manufacturer’s summary of product characteristics (SPC) without making the carrier heavy or risking gases leaking in transit. The real time digital temperature display provides ongoing assurance that the vaccines are maintained within the cold chain temperature range during transit.

Weighing less than 6 kg and coming complete with a sturdy carry strap, this purpose designed portable vaccine carrier can be used in conjunction with Labcold data loggers for extra cold chain security. For more information click here