New year, new products!

We are pleased to announce we have new products available for 2015. We are in the process of replacing some of our Sparkfree models with new models. There is a new Sparkfree Refrigerator, the RLPR0514 and a Sparkfree Freezer, the RLVF0414. Both models can be used to store flammable materials safely with all possible sources of ignition removed from the inside of the cabinets. The Refrigerator is 150 litres and the freezer is 135 litres. Both feature a door lock, temperature alarm and display, min/max recording and a door open alarm. Why not take a look at them in our online catalogue for more info? There will be more new models arriving later on this year.

Along with the sparkfree models, we are proud to announce we are the exclusive distributor of the Barkey Warming Centre in the UK. Barkey GmbH & Co.KG is a German manufacturer with over 30 years experience manufacturing precision medical, laboratory, material testing and environmental technology. The Warming Centre supplies mobile heat at any required location meaning centrally located heating cabinets can be avoided. Liquids in bottles or bags, textiles and small articles (syringes, instruments etc.) can be heated and kept warm to a temperature of +35oC to 55oC. Each of the 2 stable drawers provides space for up to 20 oval 1000 ml or 18 round 1000 ml bottles and can take a load of up to 22 kg. A temperature alarm alerts the user to any temperature fluctuations along with a drawer alarm that will sound if a drawer is open for more than 1 minute. Click on the link to our online catalogue for more info.