NEW Digital Lock for IntelliCold Pharmacy Refrigerators

To increase safety and security Labcold have developed a NEW digital lock for the IntelliCold® range of pharmacy and vaccine fridges.
Designed to make your drug fridge even more secure, this lock requires no keys as the door of the refrigerator can be only be opened by the keypad combination, a code you choose. This means that only the people who have the code can open the fridge and access the contents. For extra security and to save time, when the door is closed the lock engages so no one needs to remember to lock the door and replace the keys.
10_2532013143844This lock fits all Labcold IntelliCold pharmacy and vaccine refrigerators, except the RLDF/G1310, regardless of whether the model has a glass or solid door.This means whether the fridge you choose is big or small, you can have the same level of security for the contents.
Why not visit the webpage for more information and download a product sheet.