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Temperature Mapping

Labcold temperature mapping is designed to ensure you get a report that is thorough and covers a time period long enough to reveal any temperature fluctuations.

The report will show minimum, maximum and average temperatures. There is also a cabinet schematic, excursion analysis, recommendations and graphs and tabular data. This will be sent to you after all the results have been doubly checked either by email or as a hard copy if preferred.

Our temperature mapping is easy and designed to cause as little disruption as possible. We will send you enough loggers required for the size of fridge, freezer or incubator and all you have to do is place them and send them back. We can, of course, place and retrieve them for you and naturally all the loggers used are pre-calibrated.

We offer a choice of three or seven day mapping because, when you’re storing blood components or expensive pharmaceuticals you need to know that good temperature performance lasts longer than a day.