Temperature Mapping – 7 Day

Temperature Mapping – 7 Day

  • Cost effective
  • Simple to use
  • Full instructions provided
  • Comprehensive GMP-compliant report
  • Range of options for size and temperature
  • No need to take equipment out of service
  • Available in UK only

Labcold introduce a novel answer to the problem of the cost of regular temperature mapping of refrigerators, freezers, blood banks and incubators. The solution is to provide customers with the means of performing the mapping themselves with minimum effort and in their own time.

We provide mapping kits containing set numbers of pre-calibrated, single use temperature loggers. Kits are available with a variety of quantities of loggers and temperature ranges to suit different sizes of chamber and application.

Loggers are pre calibrated and ready to use when it suits you, however they must be used by the expiry date printed on the packaging for the calibration to remain valid. When you are ready to perform the test simply switch the loggers on, arrange them according to the instructions provided (leaving the extra one provided outside the chamber to record the room temperature during the test) and leave them in place for anything up to 7 days.

At the end of your desired logging period simply complete the necessary form, parcel all of the loggers up and return them to Labcold. A comprehensive report of the results will be sent to you in a binder providing all of the information needed to satisfy GMP requirements.

Customised mapping services are available, please contact us with your requirements.

This product is only available for customers based within the United Kingdom.

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