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Labcold Platelet Agitators

Labcold Platelet Agitators are manufactured in the UK and are registered Medical Devices in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC.

Labcold Agitators can accept either a 6 or 8 tray rack and have been engineered to agitate at the correct speed as defined by the World Health Organisation. When used in conjunction with a Labcold incubator, the agitator will cease moving when the door is opened and resume again when the door is closed.

To ensure that the platelet bags do not come off the agitator racks, special anti slip mats can be purchased, and, as you would expect preventative maintenance contracts are availalbe to keep your agitator performing at it’s best for longer.

Please be aware that images are for guidance only as product and specification are subject to change – please check before ordering.