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Labcold Platelet Agitators

Labcold platelet agitators are designed to provide ongoing gentle agitation for platelets to allow oxygen to transfer to the platelets. Like our blood bank refrigerators, plasma freezers and platelet incubators are designed and manufactured in the UK in full compliance with the relevant quality management systems. Labcold platlet agitators are certified class lla Medical Devices in accordance with UK MDR 2002 ; are compliant with BS4376:Part 1:1991 and areĀ  UKCA marked.

The speed of agitation can be adjusted and if the agitator is used in conjunction with a Labcold platelet incubator the incubator will alarm if the motion stops.
Labcold also manufacture a six and eight shelf rack to work with the platelet agitator. Featuring retractable shelves designed to allow air circulation, these racks are made from aluminium and simply fit over the agitator and the shelves have a lip to prevent the platelet packets from falling off.



To protect and prolong the life of your platelet agitator Labcold have a range of annual maintenance contracts, why not ask for details when you discuss your order?

Please be aware that images are for guidance only as product and specification are subject to change – please check before ordering.