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Labcold UKAS Calibration

Labcold has recently achieved UKAS accreditation as a calibration laboratory and can now provide you with temperature calibrations accredited to the international standard ISO 17025:2017.

You can be confident that not only is the engineer’s equipment UKAS calibrated and traceable, but that your equipment will have been calibrated by a fully trained Labcold engineer to UKAS approved procedures. You will receive a Labcold calibration certificate as evidence that your equipment has been calibrated by a UKAS accredited company.

Labcold are also accredited to provide on-site UKAS calibrations for newly manufactured Labcold products, so that a customer may order a UKAS calibration as part of their purchase. In addition, our service engineers are fully trained to calibrate non-Labcold products using our approved procedures.

To view our Schedule of Accreditation please click here