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Labcold Portable Vaccine Carrier

The NEW Labcold portable vaccine carrier is designed to solve the problem of cold chain compliance on the move as it can be plugged in to a power source in a vehicle to keep vaccines cool.

This carrier uses an environmentally friendly thermoelectric, solid state cooling system to ensure that temperature sensitive vaccines are kept within manufacturer’s summary of product characteristics (SPC) without making the carrier heavy or risking gases leaking in transit. It is fitted with a real time digital temperature display that provides ongoing assurance that the vaccines are maintained within the cold chain temperature range during transit. In addition, it can be calibrated in accordance with DH Green Book recommendations.

Please be aware this carrier MUST be plugged in to a power source either in a vehicle or mains power. For complete peace of mind it is recommended that data loggers are used for extremely temperature sensitive items.

The Labcold vaccine and sample carrier is designed for temporary temperature control during transit or short term use only. It is not designed to be run for long periods of time nor for permanent storage and will not hold temperature when not connected to a power source.