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Laboratory Refrigeration

Labcold laboratory refrigerators and freezers are designed and developed to meet the demands of scientific and medical professionals. Most either come with access ports fitted or they can be added as an optional extra.

Our range includes sparkfree fridges and freezers, designed to safely store covered flammable and volatile substances, cooled incubators, ultra Low Temperature freezers and ice makers. We also have sample and reagent refrigerators powered by our IntelliCold® controller for excellent temperature stability.

All the Labcold laboratory range is manufactured to meet the demands of a busy laboratory and most have door locks and alarms fitted as standard. However, if you need something more heavy duty we also manufacture an Advanced range of laboratory fridges and freezers which have stainless steel interiors and are designed to perform in the most challenging environments. This range of laboratory refrigerators and freezers comes with a free calibration certificate from our UKAS calibration temperature laboratory #8898.

To prolong the life and performance of your laboratory fridge or freezer, Labcold also has a range of preventative maintenance contracts which all include annual calibration.