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IntelliCold® Micro SD card SDCARDV18

  • Minute by minute, 24/7, 365 days a year temperature data for your records
  • Collects data from both temperature probes
  • 50% off if purchased when you register your warranty (UK only)

The IntelliCold® controller in your sample and reagent refrigerator will automatically store readings from the two temperature probes plus any alarms. It will also store information about the fridge itself, such as whether the door was open and even if the fan or compressor are running and, if so, for how long. This data is collected and saved every minute, 24/7, 365 days of the year. To view this information as a csv on your computer, you must have an encoded Micro SD card from Labcold to transfer if from the fridge to your desktop.

As long as the refrigerator has power, this data will be recorded and stored, giving you all the information you need for regulatory inspections and meticulous and comprehensive records. In addition, should you experience an issue you can check, minute by minute, whether the temperature inside the refrigerator was affected.

Designed by Labcold for our IntelliCold® Refrigerator Range RLDFXX19, the micro SD card comes complete with an adapter, so is suitable for a computer which only has an SD card slot. There is also a case to keep the Micro SD and adapter together. To ensure upmost security, only micro SD cards from Labcold will work with your fridge and the first time the card is used, it will lock to that fridge to prevent data from being lost or recorded from other refrigerators.

Available with a once only half price offer when you register your warranty, why not make sure you know minute by minute what is going on in your fridge?



Laboratory Refrigeration > Sample and Reagent Fridges > IntelliCold® Micro SD card SDCARDV18