Premium Maintenance

Premium Preventative Maintenance Contract

  • One annual Maintenance visit
  • 20% off spare parts when fitted by Labcold engineer
  • Full UK coverage
  • 2 Free fault visits
  • No claims discount on renewal
  • Priority call out

Labcold is the UK’s leading manufacturer of professional medical and scientific refrigeration and can uniquely offer customers Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) preventative maintenance contracts.

All Labcold blood storage equipment has medical device certification so must be maintained to the level of best practice as a result, the regulatory and safety benefit of a Labcold maintenance contract has never been more relevant.

Typical Maintenance Checks

At Labcold we know there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ maintenance, but these are just some of the checks we can do as part of an annual preventative maintenance inspection:

  • Full mechanical and electrical inspection. Testing of the whole unit; including doors, gaskets, fans and wiring.
  • Test and record alarm system function and connection to remote alarms.
  • Inspect and calibrate chart recorders and replace battery.
  • Check temperature sensors and simulated load bottle.
  • Check compressor functionality.
  • Check and calibrate digital display for both air and load temperatures where applicable.
  • Provide advice on best practice and update training of operators if necessary.
  • Issue a comprehensive maintenance report.
  • Issue calibration certificate.
  • We can also provide you with UKAS compliant temperature mapping which can form part of IQ/OQ/PQ procedures. In addition, we have a trained service team who can answer your questions, free of charge by phone or e-mail.

If your requirement is different we can build a contract to suit you, so why not contact us for a quote and more details?

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