IntelliCold® 10/10A SD Card

  • Designed for data transference from an IntelliCold® controller RLDF/G10 and 10A to a computer
  • Only SD card coded to work with Labcold IntelliCold® RLDF/G10 and 10A pharmacy refrigerators

The Labcold SD card is the only SD card that can be used to transfer data from IntelliCold RLDF/G10 and 10A refrigerators to PC’s for downloading, printing and storing.

Although we provide a FREE SD card to all UK customers who register the warranty of their RLDF/GXX10 or 10A pharmacy fridge, we recommend that you only use one card per fridge and that you replace your card annually to prevent the data being overwritten.


  • Product Code: SD Card