Labcold Stacking Kit

The Labcold stacking kit is suitable for use with all Labcold 150 litre refrigerators and 124 litre Sparkfree freezer, it has been designed to solve two frequent problems:

  • Lack of floor space.
  • The need to store items at different, but precise temperatures.

The Labcold stacking kit allows you to safely and securely stack a combination of our 150 litre refrigerators on a similarly sized Ward, IntelliCold pharmacy or Sparkfree refrigerator and the 124 litre sparkfree freezer.

The stacking kit is designed for Labcold products only and will be factory fitted to the fridge or freezer that will be positioned on the floor. Please note, if you are ordering a fridge and a freezer, the freezer has to be the cabinet that is at the bottom.

The stacking kit option has to be specified at the time of ordering. The two cabinets will be delivered separately for you to stack, however, if required you can choose
on-site assembly by our couriers as an optional extra.

Featuring a powder coated stainless steel construction, the stacking kit ensures that the top fridge or freezer is securely held in place with no risk of tipping or falling. In addition, the stacking kit is designed so that the top fridge or freezer has sufficient clearance from the bottom fridge or freezer to ensure that door openings, ventilation and performance are not compromised by being stacked.

Ideal for use where space is limited but two types of fridge or freezers are required such as Emergency Departments and small laboratories, the Labcold stacking kit allows you to save floor space without compromising on safety.

  • Certified Medical Device