NEW Chart Recorder

We’ve been talking to customers about chart recorders for all the years we’ve made Blood Bank refrigerators. We know you have to keep records for thirty years but we also know how annoying it is to change the paper discs and that you have to replace the pens and during the process (even though we have sourced the most robust chart recorder we can) pens can get knocked which can mean some data is lost before someone has the time to notice.
So following on from the success of the IntelliCold controller for our pharmacy and vaccine fridges, we thought why not do something similar for our Blood Bank fridges and display all the information in an easy to read graph? This will mean that not only can users see what is happening inside the fridge but they can transfer all the data from the chart recorder to their PC where the data can be stored as soft or hard copy.
We then thought, how useful this would be for pharmacies and have made the chart recorder adaptable for various temperature ranges but capable of recording data from various inputs such as load and air.
This chart recorder is the first of a range of new digital replacements for totally analogue or partially analogue components. We know that regulations are increasing all the time while resource is declining but our customers need the best possible equipment to complement their expertise.
We hope that by the time of BBTS this product will be available as an option on our Blood Bank refrigerators but we’ll keep you updated.